Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

                   My native language is German. If there are problems with
                   the understand the English lyrics - sorry, am not a pro as an  
                   interpreter. One Info would help me to improve the texts.
                   (       This website is under construction, changes of the texts and
                   pictures are possible at any time. Do you understand the
                   Construction of final design and text content a lot of time.)

                   Before you click through the website, you should   Perhaps best to
                   start on this site..
                   "Mind control" - a new inexplicable crime or an old Brainwashing
                   method in new edition - new outfit, new name, and the same effect.
                   The packaging is new, the content is the same.
                   Sometimes I notice on special topics that there are persons, the
                   basically find anything ridiculous. I can assure you, this is normaly.
                   It is psychologically proven, stupid people laugh about everything, if  
                   you do not understand. Should you therefore the wording read this page
                   of jokes suspect then it would be better you change your reading material,  
                   maybe go to a tasteless television soap or look in the mirror and puzzle  
                   about your character.

          The world's most dangerous predator?  There is no doubt,  
the people.  

                   The intelligence makes it possible. Inventions are made, the technology 
                   developed under the motto: "The quality of life to improve" to develop a    
                   modern cultureA beautiful life is to reach the goal.
                   Is that actually true? Or it's about also in the life of lower Motivations?
                   It includes a lottery - win out or a rich inheritance, then there are only two
                   ways to secure the financial basis of life. Either one works solid, or is  
                   criminal. Brainwashing - methods such as "Mind Control" are a crime to
                   associate.  Accordingly, the offender in this category can be classified.
                   "Mind Control" as a criminal offence is quite complex
                   (see Overview or - Criminal offence), there are a wide variety of possible
                   perpetrators or Fact motifsThe large number of victims in Germany
                   and Europe, it is very  probably, use the different offenders with different
                   motivations, "Mind control" as a criminal offence.
                   May this Web site a small little help on the subject "Mind Control" to
                   speak openly. With a, in my opinion perverse crimes, created
                   by unscrupulous criminals.
                   Thank you, that you are taking the time on this Web page to inform.


                   If you look at the picture, something you notice without one you
                   attention to do?

The eyes are death. Buried alive.

                   On this page you will be using the most varied and
                   Motif hostile, opportunities to "Mind - Control" faced. The big
                   drawback, all are very possible.
                   "Mind - Control" is a straitjacket that violates this International law,
                   and blocking all modern psychological insights.
                   "Mind - Control" is an electronic concentration camp. "Mind - Control" -
                   be victim certainly constantly looking for a solution, think about the
                   motive and the perpetrators. In human rights are legally
                   the "German Constitution" anchored: "...die human dignity is inviolable
                   or "...that Right to the integrity of the body"or" the protection of "
                   Quality of life associated with the free possibilities in the social, private
                   or professional area".
                   Is about this:
                   the money? -To perverse thinking or sadism?
                   Political interests play a role or what "low" Can behind it still interests
                   or criminal intent?
                   The obsessive concentration camp victims systematically withdraw the
                   life-force which incapacitate with an already "morbid" play instinct the
                   Victims of the own identity, its own personality by all means want to
                   destroy. That allows a company, then developed the political thinking
                   back... in time

                   ...from 1939-1989. Of the Hitler regime to the GDR regime.
                   "Mind - Control" is a crime that affects everyone, because tomorrow...
                   maybe you the next Victims.